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Someone who smoggles a lot. To become a smoggler, you just be adept at smoking and gobbling penis at the same time, becoming a smoggler.
Damn, she is trying so hard to be a great smoggler, it just brings a tear to my eye.
by Junkiewhore July 16, 2004
One who smoggles. A master of smoking and juggling.
You are a master choad smoggler.
by gwax September 08, 2005
a old shitty ass car or ford.
dont buy that smoggler
by Big Fat J January 31, 2003
1. To crushingly defeat someone.
2. To humiliate someone.
3. To be convincingly defeated by someone.

Verb "Smog" -To Smog
Verb "Smoggle" -To Smoggle
Verb "Smogged" -To be Smogged
Noun "Smoggler" -One who Smoggles
Noun "Smoggage" -The result of a someone being Smogged
"I got totally smogged!"

"Watch me lay the smog down on this guy"

"That guy got smoggled"

by Evan Weston January 30, 2003
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