People with faces
man that guy is such a face i was all yo face then i hit him with a stick and rocks
Top Definition
the ultimate comeback of Davie Fizzle; can be used in any situation and in any context; has no definate meaning or place in the english language; most effective when said in the "cartman" character voice.
Q: "What are we doing tonight?"
Q: "What's that caught in the garbage disposal?"
by Tab March 04, 2005
a comeback that people use when they cant think of anything else more clever to say.
Person 1: Dude you smell awful! where were you last night?
Person 2: Um.... Yo Face!
by Mad_a_Cookie December 06, 2014
A stupid damn comeback that's fun to use.
Nate: Why are you so ugly?
Olivia: YO FACE!
by Anonymous bitch. May 25, 2016
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