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A Mexican restaurant franchise prevalent to the West coast (but gradually moving eastward) of the United States. The first store originated in Eugene, Oregon.

Many confuse Taco Bell and Taco Time - Taco Time, however, cooks everything in the morning fresh for the day, including taco shells and salad bowls, fresh taco meat made from real animal. Taco Bell uses plastic wrapped insta-meat and old taco shells to boot.

Taco Time is mostly known for it's Crisp Burritos - Crisp Bean, Meat, and Chicken. It is also considerably more expensive than Taco Bell, depending on location.
Let's go to Taco Time for some Crisp Bean Burritos.
by fjrefly February 06, 2006
Cocky, to be: Overly self-assertive or self-confident.
Antagonize: To counteract or provoke hostility of.

Ima get all up in yo face.
by fjrefly February 06, 2006

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