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cocaine,yayo, white, blow
That yizzy was mad good, best yay i have done in a while.
by Hadude September 11, 2005

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Snoop-talk for "yes" or "yeah". This pretty much applies for any word. Just take the first letter (or letters in the instances of "sh" or "ch") of the word and add an "izzy" or "izzle" after it.
Awww yizzy mah nizzy!

"Yo money, where be the fortys at?
Bitch, where you think? In the frizzil, nizzle!"

by Booshanky October 21, 2003
Its snoopish for yes or HELL YES.
aww yizzy dat waz a good spliff fo sho'.
by Wurm October 20, 2003
Slang for "yeah".
"Awwww yizzy" as in "Awww yeah".
by Eric October 20, 2003