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Western Pennsylvania slang for "You all"
Yins guys wanna' go down n' watch dem stillers play? Den we'll eat n'at
by Mike November 05, 2003
a Pittsburgh way of say you all
hey yins want to go eat n'at
by tassmasterzero February 27, 2003
slang scottish word for one
man " look at all my apples "
Kid talking slang " can a get yin? "
#one #slang #scottish #word #ned
by steffiiee July 20, 2009
In FFXI, Yin is a deity, garnering a large following of believers and an established Church doctrine.
Praise be to Yin, for he watches over us, guides us, protects us, and insures plentiful drops from our powerful foes.
#god #deity #worship #lord #commander
by The Yin December 03, 2006
A synonym of "y'all." Most likely came from a contraction of "you ones" or something like that. Often has other contractions appended onto it, such as in "y'ins'dn't've" (you all would not have). Used in rural America.
If y'ins'dn't've let the sheep get out the yard, I'dn't've had to go back to that damn wretched mother of yours.
by Nick D January 17, 2005
Contraction of the phrase 'are you in?'
Congruent response to this question is 'Min'
- 'Yin?'
- 'Min!'

- We're all going to the Christmas market for a few drinks, yin?
#yin #in #out #game #up for it
by Frodus Bonobus November 12, 2009
A combination of You and all / ya'll, widely used in Pennsylvania.
Are yin's still coming over to eat today?
#yin's #you #all #yins #grammatically #incorrect
by Pyroalphamale March 10, 2009
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