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YFP is the abbreviation for "young fresh pussy" mostly used by those in high-school and college. Has a fishy smell.
Tom: Dude I want to hit on Lauren.
Mike: Nahh Tom she's got YFP.
Tom: Yeah I know but still i want to get with her.
Mike:Tom...she's like in 7th grade.
by Drew Matt February 18, 2013
YFP is the abbreviation for 'your fucking problem'.
Often used by overprotective parents to avoid the ef word.
Dad: Why are you crying, son? What's YFP??
Son: My boyfriend broke up with me!
by tooolongtotype January 15, 2011
Abbreviation for "You Forgot Poland". Usually seen online, used dismissively, in conjunction with other abbreviations such as HTH or HAND
Troll: "I've beaten Half-Life, Myst, Final Fantasy VI, and Marathon, and none of them were near as challenging as Daikatana!"
Flamer: "YFP. HTH. HAND."
by ewiggin October 14, 2004
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