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Abbreviation for Now Watch This Drive. Usually seen on the internet, used dismissively or as a non sequitur. May be used in conjunction with other dismissive abbreviations like HTH or HAND.
Troll: "Sosa's easily the better hitter. How many 60-HR seasons did Gwynn have?"
Flamer: "How many times did Sosa fail to help his team by striking out, instead of getting one of 3,000 hits to advance and score runners. HTH. NWTD."
by ewiggin October 14, 2004
Abbreviation for "You Forgot Poland". Usually seen online, used dismissively, in conjunction with other abbreviations such as HTH or HAND
Troll: "I've beaten Half-Life, Myst, Final Fantasy VI, and Marathon, and none of them were near as challenging as Daikatana!"
Flamer: "YFP. HTH. HAND."
by ewiggin October 14, 2004

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