you feel me
i hate you, yfm?
by hahapants July 24, 2009
A band called YFM, or YourFavoriteMartain.
Made by RayWilliamJohnson
Person1: Dude, did you see the new YFM video?
Person2:No, I'll check youtube right now!
by Awkmed January 09, 2012
You Fuckin' Moron!
Are you serious? "Break" rhymes with "cake", YFM!
by seapeedubs October 28, 2009
yay for me
i had the best time. yfm!
by yfmyfm August 13, 2008
yay for me
u r teh qool! YFM!
by randomname3212 August 12, 2008
your fuckin mom.....this trem of language used on the web or online games
yfm u ass hole u suck at this game ... get a life..
by bofizzle April 24, 2007

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