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yf= you fail.

Sometimes, we feel the need to just be direct when going about telling someone that they fail. They screwed up, didn't do what they were supposed to do, and probably just made matters worse for themselves and likely people around them. Or maybe it was some ridiculously easy task that anyone could have done, and well, this person just failed to do so.
"I threw a rock at the ground...and I missed."

Dana ::: "Mitha gave me a taste of my own medicine and now I'm going to talk more shit about him and his friends."
Ketan ::: "yf"
by K10 KAPasi December 30, 2009
Your fault.
Wow! That was definetly yf.
by kaytay. July 08, 2009
Yellow fever.
You like an asian! You have YF
by EpicFailed419 January 13, 2011
noun - Yuh (you) Faggot. A light-hearded funny way of calling someone a Faggot.
Paul is acting like a YF, what's his problem? Chief YF where are you?
by KokoDeLegh March 07, 2015
yf stands for you fuck
omfg ur such a f yf. stfu.
by Dgun132 May 13, 2005

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