Top Definition
Crazy dune kid
"Doood that kid is so brown , hes totally a Ketan"
by JOLENNNE October 20, 2008
Common name for brown guys
dude, look at that thug maybe he's a ketan
by Candy_S February 28, 2010
The person who always makes you laugh, no matter how bad your day is going, and may be annoying to alot of people, but just glancing at the other side of him will make you appreciate him. A kickass black belt in martial arts. Always smiling and hard to read, a great friend and great to hang out with. The one I love.
"Ugh, isn't Ketan so annoying?
"........sometmes. Have you ever tried to hang out with him?"
by N.E.S. February 08, 2010
A common name for a ripped, tank brown guy who is a sex god.
I wish my boyfriend was more of a ketan
by xXxJasPerxXx November 25, 2011
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