1) A mountain bike company started in 1985 and based out of Colorado. Known for their world class Downhill Racing bikes and the Teal and White team colors. Factory riders include Jared Graves, Damion Smith, and Chris Boice. www.yeticycles.com

2) The Himalayan version of big foot

3) A tall, big and hairy human (applies to both male and female)
1) Holy F**K!!!! Did you see that Yeti 303 just kill that downhill run?

2) A footprint from a Yeti was believed to have been found

3) "Was the yeti that walked in behind us a guy or a girl?"
"I couldn't tell, man"
by jeeves7000 September 20, 2008
Thought to be the missing link, is actually an advanced version of human that tends to shy away from it's evelutionary kin because of the knowledge that humans are panicky creatures. Tend to prefer meat, and have a fondness for the word 'monkey.'
"The yeti is a god!"
by Zig March 13, 2003
Yeti: In other cases my ex girlfriend. Shes stinky and sounds like a wookie from star wars. She looks like one too and I hate her Fucking hair. She has rather large feet and looks like her father. All she eats is fish and tries to speak Japanese.
Bill: Omg theres the Yeti what do we do?
Tom: Do you think we sould run?!
Bill: No...Lets kill it!
Tom: Ok!
Bill: *gets sledge hammer and beats the yeti's face in*
Bill: its ok Tom I have an potion!
Tom: OKAY!
by Akara_shinigami February 22, 2008
Literally translated from Nepali it means "that thing over there."
"Quick, brave Himalayan Guide-What's that thing over there?"
"I see."
(c) Neil Gaiman
by Neil Gaiman CEC October 25, 2006
A hairy penis.
Omg! ______ has a YETI
EEEEW that's so nasty, are you sure?
Yup he told me.
by B Stark May 08, 2010
A yeti is a skiier who is trying to act cool on the slope. but really they don't what the hell their doing. Usually, have old ski wear or wearing jeans, they also have hats falling off their heads and really old ski equipment. These are the kids that are going straight down the hill at top speeds. They are also a huge fail!!!
guy #1: "Did you see that guy going straight down the hill?"
guy #2: "Was he wearing jeans and sunglasses?"

guy #1: "Ya that's him."
guy #2: "What a yeti!!"
by dude12334 March 11, 2010
A gang based out of Southwest oakland county near in metro Detroit. Originally consisted of 9 members starting some time in the mid 1990's and grew How many exist now is unknown.
This is believed to be yeti territory
by james tompkins March 04, 2008
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