Extremely hairy beasts that roam the Earth under the full moon. Their main food supply is sheep, which is why their main nemesis is The sheepslayer. Yetis have lived for many thousands of generations and are often times confused in mythlore as werewolves because of their uncanny ability to change into stronger versions of themselves under the full moon. The avg. height for a full grown yeti is 6' 8" while the biggest one recorded to date was 9' 11". Yetis' teeth are viciously sharp and their claws are deadly and quick. If you do come into contact with a yeti back away slowly and then run in the opposite direction of anything made of wool.
The yetis ate half our flock last night!

I killed 2 of those yetis out back last night when they were attacking my sheep.

My cousin Mel got killed by a yeti last winter when she was wearing a wool coat out on the mountain trails.
by crameel7 March 27, 2011
A huge poop that is actually painful upon exit, but is unexplainably invisible when you stand up. You know it's big and you know its there, but it remains out of sight and unproven by science.
I just dropped a Yeti Poo....It hurt but now it's gone!
by Schmakee January 18, 2011
Someone who has an unusually large head as compared to the average size and is in the shape of a yeti's mountainous head.

Also may refer to Matt Moskal's head who had a similar headshape to the abominable snowman, who starred in "The Bridges at Toko-Ri".
Sebastian: "Yo, have you seen Matt anywhere?"

Mike: "Nah dude, I haven't seen that Yeti-Headed bum all day...."
by Bored_97 February 01, 2010
A hairy faced homo sapien who is reffered to by the calling of the name Jimmy. Occasionally confused with Cheese and Rice (Jesus Christ) because of long hair and a beard which causes camille to squeal in anguish and dislike.
Damn... you're like that yeti guy i saw running on the beach and making a turtle the other day
by Braille July 22, 2008
a super awesome person whos super cool.
Person #1: Dang, that guys is such a yeti!
Person #2: Ya, i wish i was half the yeti he was.
by Abominable April 23, 2008
Used to describe a song that is dope. The word is derived from the "abominable hoeman" (Ludacris) and slang used by thugs in Paris...
Usually used to describe a hip hop song that is hard to find and send on MSN by a friend of yours...
- What song is that?
- That's the new Little Brother, Sinners...
- Damn that shit is YETI!!!
- Yeah, food for thoughts man, get a plate...
- Whoa, where did you get that?
- Digging in the caves
by Ben the Yeti finder March 29, 2006
The act of shaving your pubes and putting them in a ziplock bag,before having sex, then cumming on your girls face and then throwing the pubes at her.
I yeti'd that whore
by THiKY November 03, 2010

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