Used to describe a song that is dope. The word is derived from the "abominable hoeman" (Ludacris) and slang used by thugs in Paris...
Usually used to describe a hip hop song that is hard to find and send on MSN by a friend of yours...
- What song is that?
- That's the new Little Brother, Sinners...
- Damn that shit is YETI!!!
- Yeah, food for thoughts man, get a plate...
- Whoa, where did you get that?
- Digging in the caves
by Ben the Yeti finder March 29, 2006
The act of shaving your pubes and putting them in a ziplock bag,before having sex, then cumming on your girls face and then throwing the pubes at her.
I yeti'd that whore
by THiKY November 03, 2010
It's what I call my own pet (unfit mother) Abominable Snowmum. I get one all to myself, aren't I lucky? It was worth watching Suburban Mayhem just to see my own 'best in show' pet Yeti's biography on screen...
Anything you can insert the word mother into. "Hang on, don't we have to go to Yeti's for Christmas?" ... "Why, I haven't bothered for the last 5"...

<therapist to me> "Now, let's talk about Yeti"...
by scott_the_son_of_a_yeti January 04, 2007
A strang breed, thought to be the hybrid offspring of humans and ganja. Can go for many days without a change of clothing. Content and harmless as long as a helthy supply of skunk is maintained.
Cheej slept in the penthouse again the bleedin yeti.
by kepy seema September 22, 2003
A sixteen year-old blackbelt whose golden halo appears only in the sunlight and responds to "YETIYETIYETIYETI!!!"
You are such a Yeti.
Stupid Yeti.
by Liopleuradon May 01, 2009
a very hairy person who thinks they're the shit when they're the suckiest friend on planet earth.
omg look at that yeti its alyssa !
by somebody who despises yetis July 10, 2008
Skank, bitch, walking STD, Pretty much anything you wouldn't ever want to be.
Usually Can't Type.
Omg.. I saw the yeti yesterday.. and she was using her yeti mating call to attract birds.
by Anonymous >_> December 05, 2007
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