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a great rock band.
Is that Yes? Yes, it is.
by jerseywonton February 29, 2004
a wonderful, wonderful, band from washington. one of the greatest new punk acts this time around.
i saw pretty girls make graves live and i will never forget it
by jerseywonton February 29, 2004
communication only by gestures or facial expressions, no words.
You can see several people use pantomime in other foreign countries.
by jerseywonton February 29, 2004
another word for "false", and also a great rock band.
Fugazi roxs your sox off.
by jerseywonton February 29, 2004
five suburban teens who desperately want to get famous by jumping in the emotional hardcore bandwagon and bringin in the newbie rock n' roll fans through means of hot topic. when a friend told me their influences were at the drive in, i got sick to my stomach. this chick up top actually likes the used - soLLLid fan base, static! you should play with yellowcard or something and bring in more "rock" fans
punkfortheages should be more mature and diss a static lullaby's STUPID NAIVE FANBASE instead of the band themselves.
by jerseywonton February 29, 2004

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