Informal form of YOURS.
My name is Charlie and yers?
by Maroalex July 23, 2011
The equivalent of "yes" but used with close friends. Also shows some excitement in your reply, i.e. you would use this in place of "hell yes" not "yeah".

Originally a cell phone typo when trying to reply "yes", but very catchy.
Drew: "Do you want to go to the casino tonight?"
Paul: "YERS!"
Drew: "Would you like to get some roadies for the way there?"
Paul: "YERS!"
Drew: "Yers bro, I'll pick you up soon."
by Fasulobaseball April 24, 2013
form of saying "hey" or "yo"
used commonly among np kids (their native tongue)
yerrr whaddup b borm hit me up after school so we can smoke a blunt
by bluntzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz November 01, 2007
Vi and Olivia's next new thing that never really caught on.
I like Gerard. Yers!

Let's have seks. Yers!
by Gerald Ways February 05, 2006
The posessive of you. Pronunced yer mainly in the southern regions of the United States.
Are you gonna eat yer sandwich? Cuz I want it.
by Z dogg March 30, 2006
A gay way to say "yes".
"Are you a gay?"
by byakhee November 04, 2009

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