A secondary word of "yep"

To entirely agree with a statement.
"Do you think I should buy dis' lowrider?"

"You know how I roll dawg."
by Chelsea Sunitsch October 15, 2005
Top Definition
yes, the oppisite of no, nopers; it is so,agree, affirm.
would you like to purchase the extended warranty program? "answer" would be "YEPPERS"
by sterling lee macallister \ July 08, 2003
An Internet troll in it's cruelest, most evil form.
I was going to comment on that post, but then I saw that a Yepper had already taken over.

Quit being such a Yepper!
by The_Seventeenth_Doctor March 04, 2014
a word used to mean any form of yes
its a lot more fun to say then the proper commonly used yes.yeppers,easy to say,catchy,a word that you might accidently catch yourself spewing out of your mouth cause its so fun to say.also yeppero or eppero is other fun forms of the word which you could say in italian ,or some other language.yeppers sure its dorky,but its word that makes people smile and just good fun word to say,and will make you laugh everytime.
swinesteiger says : you want to go to a placebo concert?
rocky says: Yeppers!
swinesteiger says:yeppers?wtf??!
rocky says:yeppers! shh its a funny word i love to say !
swinesteiger says:....
rocky says:yeppers easy to say man,fun to say,and yes im a dork ,but thats how i roll
swinesteger says:alright,il give it a try,yeppers! lol
rocky says:dude you jacked my word,told you ,everytime will make you laugh
by kortnee07 December 17, 2008
yes, in the midwestern region usually used by redneck folk
yepper mah boiiiii.....yepper roger h. ... yepper malcolm
by Lil Scrappy July 07, 2006
Yes, yep, okay, sure, ya, totally, fine.
P1: Can you help me move this fridge?
P2: Yeppers!
by Germa88 May 09, 2009
The cute longer way to say the word yep or yes.
Bob: Do you want to go to the movies with me Jessica.
Jessica: Yeppers. Ill see you there at 3.
by Kraig Morgan December 07, 2010
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