Equivalent to the terms yes, and yeah but with swagger.
"Hey are you going to the rave tonight?" "Yeppers brosky."
by PRBoy81 August 01, 2012
the same thing as yepper but with and 's' at the end
Yeppers I'll go with you
by Kraig Morgan December 07, 2010
Meaning the opposite of no. Using it in substitute of yep or yes.
" Hey Katie this is so your word. Yeppers it is Jackson."
by kbtlb December 19, 2013
a word of agreement.

also means: yes, yeah, yep, yup, and yuppers

used when texting after you have said one of the above too many times
mike: so you goin to the party?
sam: yeah
mike: can you pick me up?
sam: yeah
mike: do you know where I live?
sam: yeah
mike: okay see ya soon!!
sam: yeppers!
by lincolns/where/its/at March 20, 2011
A word created by S.M.art people. Anyone else who claims creation is utterly wrong-nopers!
When asked if she created the word, Shelby said "Yeppers.".
"Did he?"
by actsmart29 July 26, 2009
Old definition: most definately, fur sure-fur sure good buddy, right on, without doubt

New definition: a nerdy yuppie, a wannabe with more money than common sense
Why, yepper, good buddy! That's a big ten four, fur sure-fur sure, good buddy!

I say, old chap, that Allen is without doubt the nerdiest yuppie I have had the displeaser of spending money with! Yepper, all right!
by SmokeyJoe January 05, 2005
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