yes ok
yeo im coming, have u done that yet? yeo
by Haggie tpw May 29, 2003
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comes from northern ireland, basically the best way of expressing yourselfwhile drunk

1)yeoooooooooooo dave man what about yeh
2)yeoooooooooo im drunk
3)fucking yeooooo see her tits!
yeoooooooooooooooooooo dave!! im wasted,yeooooooooo keep her lit!
by penguins mother fuckers October 26, 2004
Originates from Northern Ireland.

Used in a positive way, if someone is happy, acknowlogment of something or arroused they will use the word 'Yeo'.

Someones Favourite Team just scored winning goal: Yeoooooo!!

Friend 1: You see that girls ass?

You: Yeo.

Friend 1: Here's your pint mate.

You: Yeo.
by McZomb April 29, 2009
Used as a slang cover for cocaine
Gimme some yeo
by borack colendral November 12, 2003
(Pronounced /yeah-o/)

Commonly used to express happiness or intrest in something, similar to groovy, cool, sweet, and far out.

Can also be used as a greeting, similar to hey,what's up, and what's shaking.
"Yeo! I just found 20 bucks!"

"What up man?"


"I just got a sick '69 corvette man!"

by MauriceTheFleece November 18, 2014
1. Used anywhere to describe anything.
2. A greeting
1. Yeo werd!
2. Yeo.
by Anonymous July 02, 2003
Expression of excitement. It is an interjection.
I won?

by Jon Zex April 20, 2003
A slave. A turd. A fart.
1) Hey! Get crackin' Yeo! servant
2) Look at my Yeo swirlin' down the toilet bowl! faeces
3) Yo! Did someone just Yeo? flatulence
by Nigel Barker June 22, 2011

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