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A pusha who makes alot money. Usually has his finger dipped in other illigitament business' than just drugs Dealin.
Ayo Do boy, let me get some of your chron and a bitch on da side.
by DFOES November 24, 2003
i aint GOTTA definitsion, but the guy above or below me, Star Child, is a pimp kuzz ane one down wit the funk is Groovin it HARDCORE.
Yee-up MAN, das some shee-it.
by DFOES November 23, 2003
A spanish slang term for cocaine. NOT THAT FAGAT FROM G UNIT.
Wud up kuzz. let me get an 8 ball of your purest YEO PATna.
by DFOES November 23, 2003
A subtitution for man. Derieved from spanish peakers who speak english with a spanish accent. Like in SCARFACE.
"Say 'ello to my Lee-til fren' MAIN"
-Scarface(didn't actaully say main but i had ta incorperate scarface somehow)
by DFOES November 23, 2003

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