your eyes only. or fyeo, for you eyes only.
used on e-mails etc....
2 make sure that only the person ur sendin the email 2 is the one 2 read it.

I love you. x
by realitydreamz September 07, 2009
The white stuff in Mr. C's closet; Sold to students 24/7.
I need some yeo mista c!
by Sven February 11, 2005
A spanish slang term for cocaine. NOT THAT FAGAT FROM G UNIT.
Wud up kuzz. let me get an 8 ball of your purest YEO PATna.
by DFOES November 23, 2003
The common misspelling of YEP on a keyboard. Sebastian and Wesley Mac Lean Gilmour use this alot because were weridos and we think its funny...
Pfeifstelle: how do you spell you name?
Pfeifstelle: sebastian?
lovecomsanywhere: yeo.
by Wesley Mac Lean Gilmour April 25, 2005
an informal greeting amongst pikeys, often followed by "yeah"


A Popular British Surname

"Good Morning Mr Yeo"
by Theodopolopodous December 06, 2003
yes ok
yeo im coming, have u done that yet? yeo
by Haggie tpw May 29, 2003
Black man, dressed black, eats black, writes black etc.
The yeo crept into the darkness, and disappeared into the shadows of the night.
by Anonymous May 01, 2003

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