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a cross between yes and yeah, commonly used by people with braces or a lisp
Billy: "Did you like that knuckle deep?"
Ashlie: "Oh....yeash!!!!"
by Sarah Ritter June 02, 2007
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To be annoyed with something
will you cool it yeash
by irishredhead14 January 28, 2010
A) That awesome quotation by Bison in the Street Fighter television series that is commonly embraced by the YouTube Poop community.

B) The best two seconds of your life.
This is delicious!!...Not until I see those Street Fighters pummel to dust, which should be any moment now. YEASH!!! YEASH!!! Epic music plays
by M3TAL Y05H1 April 25, 2008
Middle English; Adjective.
Often used to pronounce feelings of explicit pleasure and triumph.
"Can I please fo'shizzle yo nizzle?"

"Ohhhhh yeash."
by Stuuuud June 16, 2004
YEASH- (v) to be forced to swallow slide oil, flute lube, valve oil, cork grease etc. because you told everyone who your friend likes
Aw man, Tom is going to yeash me for telling you that he likes you!
by EBbandgeek! March 27, 2009
See gay fag treehugger hippy boring
The Most Boring Teacher In Teh World You'll Wanna Shoot YourSelf After His Class Or Stab Yourself Repeadtly With A Blunt Knife/Spoon
#1 "Hey I Was Just In Yeash's Class"
#1 "Yeah I'm Gonna Go Stand In The
Middle Of The Freeway Now"
#2"Well Thats Cool Have Fun"
#1"Fuck You Too Buddy"
by Blu3t4rd October 19, 2004

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