Slang for "yes".
For fun in unofficial occasion between good friends.
-Are those the same clothes you wearing last night in the bar?
by Forrest Jiang May 08, 2008
The awesomest way to say ''yeah'' or ''yes''. Only the coolest people say it. When you compare ''yeap'' to ''yeah'', ''yeap'' is by far the best. ''Yeah'' is just a poser! If you say "yeap", you're cool. (Also can be written as : yeep)
-Hey man, did you hear about that donut that Billy found in the toilet?
-Yeap! It looked so yummy, I wanted to shove it in my mouth!
by HelloDeary May 10, 2010
The act of putting "Yep" and "Yeah" into one word b/c you can't decide which one to use!
Person #1 : Did you read the new Cosmo Girl Magazine?
Person #2 "Yeap"
by Bearkat2015 August 31, 2011
something you say really loudly when a really bad kid kills you in call of duty 4.And it pisses you off so much you scream Yeap at the top of your lungs.pretty much a word to say when you want to say every cuss word there is.
YEAP! I just got killed by a juggernaut noob tube last stand laying prone in the corner! YEAP!
by m16 pro February 26, 2009
Yeah+yep+yes=yeaps It's simple math not calculus
"Want to take me home?" Said the hot chick
"Hell yeaps!!!" Most single guys who read this unless they thought maybe just maybe she was crazy.
by Jagra99 December 30, 2012
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