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(in a sarcastic or kidding manner) often used to express a difference of opinion

a) Person 1:I'm so much better than you at football.
Person 2: yea yea

b) Person 1: OMG! I'm so gonna beat you in pong
Person 2: yea yea
by Jim Azae February 08, 2009
Compound word and expression: used as adjective when excited, especially during sporting events or when seeing something on the small screen that shocks or excites...
Mary suddenly saw that the football team scored and they did'nt even have the ball, she exclaimed for all the world to hear: Yea-Yea!
by Hans Montag January 19, 2009
An alternative term for cocaine.
Dude, cut that yeayea up into two lines so you can have one for each nostril.
by BG March 07, 2003
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