Its all about tha YaY! Home ta all thos kids from Valejo, Decoto, Frisco, Haystack, Oaktown, San ho, 650, 415, 510, 408, an everywhere inbetween. EPA I love ya! This is tha place ta be, where we get hyphy, kick it ta some federation an e40 shit, an live our lives ta tha fullest. Its all bout tha yay...
Come to tha Yay area an experience it fo yoself
by whothafuckgiveashit July 25, 2006
the tights citys 4 real. 415 to Richmond. Yay area!
from the 415 ta richmond keep the game pimp!
by l.o.g October 09, 2003
where all the rappers be gettin their lingo from
Mac Dre (RIP), E-40,Messy Marv, Turk Talk, Richie Rich, San Quinn, The Federation, Hoodstars, Mistah F.A.B., Yukmouth, PSD, B-Legit, Clyde Carson, Too Short, J-Diggs and Balance are from the YAY AREA. We do it hyphy going dumb while ghost riding the whip and shaking our dreads with our thizz face and stunnas on
by proud to be from the yay November 16, 2006
the area arond the bay in california, limited to AROUND THE BAY. music scene for many rap stars, and some interesting slang that white people should never use.
P1: i live in the yay area.
P2: really, what part?
P1: san diego
P2: you assbag, san diego is not anywhere near the bay area
P1: yee it is nigga!
P2: uh huh, okay, im from the yay area too.
P1: what? what part?
P2: south lake tahoe.
P3: you dumb ass beezy, that aint anywhere near the bay!
white person: i dont get it.
by proved_you_wrong_asswad April 14, 2007
Used in a song by E-40, a nickname for the Bay area, california
"We get hyphy and go dumb in the yayarea"
by Samantha Del Rosario September 27, 2006
Yay Area stands for the Bay Area. It's just a slang term.

-San Renegade.
"We out here in the Yay Area doing it big. "
by San Renegade February 14, 2012
we used to be part of the yay area but they changed our area code to 530.
~530 sucks~
by yay ar-ea October 24, 2003

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