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The only Polish technical death metal band you need to pay attention to. Band consists of Marcin (bass/vocals), Zombek (drums), Hudy (guitars) and Trufel (guitars). Four albums in a fifteen year span, those being 1998's "Human's Pain," 2000's "Murder's Concept" (this is the best one,) 2003's "Genocide," and the crappy electronic album titled "III" (?). However, the band split in early 2006. Oh, they're one of the most overlooked bands in metal too.
Ohh, you ever heard Decapitated? TOTALLY fast, technical, amazing, and ridiculous!!!

Me: Fuck Decrapitated, only "Winds" was great. Listen to Yattering you noob. *bangs head to "Murder's Concept"*
by You figure it out June 10, 2007