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is a term that originated in Syracuse, NY which identifies people who abuse the Welfare System and Public Safety (i.e. Ambulance) for non emergencies. These people are capable of working but choose not to because they are lazy.
Why doesn't that 9er get a job.
by 9er_taxi July 18, 2010
Text-speak, meaning something is mildly amusing (can be used with or in place of "lol")
Lol 9er! She's so crazy!
by gadget3000 January 10, 2011
In high school, people play pranks on grade 9's on the last day of school. Sorta like hazing or ragging.
Gr 10 guy: That grade 9 just got egged!
Other guy: He just got a 9er.
by Zed Blahman June 22, 2007
To indicate a nine o clock lesson. Mostly used by university students.
I can't go party tonight, I've got a 9er tomorrow!
by Victor Louis February 03, 2006
The man, the dawg of the crew. The one that ever one wants to be.
Yo, 9er sup.
by kevin November 01, 2003
the nickname of daren's dick. It is 9 inches long. girs love it...i know i do, hehehhe.
Oh my gosh daren has a niner
by john February 03, 2005
1)The kid that gets hurt and pissed off

2)hates fat people like tommy

3) a ture asshole
stfu, 9er
shut up tommy
by kevin 9er November 07, 2003
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