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the nicest, friendliest hot biatch ever created. she's the one who'l still be turning heads when she's in a nursing home. thats why i'm gonna marry her =)
is that yasmine? damn she's the nicest, friendliest hot biatch ever created! i'd marry her for sure! pity that tall lad already has her.
by dag March 30, 2005
Hottest bitch in the world.
Dayum! Look at Yasmine!
by FeltonsGirl December 12, 2003
Yasmine is one of the most hottest people on this earth. She's stunning, sexy, and beautiful. She's one hot bitch. She's funny, outgoing, crazy and wild. She's intelligent and amazing all around. She's got a nice ass, and a nice rack. You'd be hella lucky to see this girl in a bikini. Anyone who dates her has the best experience of their life. This girl is so amazing, there are no words to describe her. She has tons of friends and tends to be the center of her group/ the more "popular" one. This girl is no hoe. She has her standards and if she let's you date her, you are one lucky man. She's so fine, she makes girls wanna turn lesbo. This girl get's all the compliments in the world. Her face is like a godess, and she has an amazing voice. This girl can sing, dance, and act. Damn, tripple treat plus extra bonuses! Don't mess with this girl, her friends will back her up. This mixed chick is one hot as yellow bone. When I see her, all I can say is... "Damn."
Thomas: Damn Dude... Yasmine just walked by. I can't help but stare at that tight ass..

Johnathan: Yeah man! This yellow bone be lookin' fine!

Thomas: Damn If she would just bend over, I'm finna have a boner man...

Johnathan: Shit man, I already Got one.

Thomas: Damn
#yazzers #sexy #tight ass #yellow bone #beautiful #mixed chick
by Lover97 November 10, 2010
Someone who is sweet like sugar but at the same time has a deadly and sour secret. She is conservative to her friends but very open to her family. She is a beautiful, very intelligent girl but sometimes she needs your help showing it. She's quick like a cat and could sense something a mile away, and often jumps to conclusions. She's very fragile and sensitive, even though she hates admitting it. She loves feeling loved and wanted, and when she doesn't feel that way she's willing to go to extreme measures. She's silent but deadly.
"Here goes Yasmine again with her little "woe is me act". I wish she could she how beautiful she really is."
#sensitive #beautiful #mysterious #intelligent #fragile
by tellmewhen2gocuh December 15, 2008
Yasmine is Jazmin in the Arabic language.
Yasmine could also be Aladdin's lover from the fairytale.
Also a beautiful barbie-like creature.
Oh, sh'es such a yasmine.
#yasmine #smsma #flower #barbie #beautiful
by garawy7 November 18, 2013
A sexy chick with amazing hair and an amazing personality and will eventually get married to some hottie like Harry styles or Luke hemmings
Harry; "did you see Yasmine backstage? Gawd she's so hawt"

Niall: "yeah I know"
by Shjsjsjsjsjahahajaj October 24, 2015
Yasmines are usually really small and not very cool. They usually only have three friends and eventually fall in love with a guy called Chris. Their ambition in life is to be a stripper.
Wow Yasmine looks like an Elf
by juliex64 November 15, 2015
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