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the nicest, friendliest hot biatch ever created. she's the one who'l still be turning heads when she's in a nursing home. thats why i'm gonna marry her =)
is that yasmine? damn she's the nicest, friendliest hot biatch ever created! i'd marry her for sure! pity that tall lad already has her.
by dag March 30, 2005
Neighborhood in Boston, MA. Populated mostly by Latinos, Brazilians, and people who either attend, dropped out of, graduated, or work for Boston University. Home to some of the grimiest landlords in the Western Hemisphere.
"I wish I didn't live in Allston."
by dag January 09, 2005
A person who keeps closing their eye's when talking to you, not blinking, but actually shutting their eyes and continuing to talk. Often they feel so superior to the rest of the world they do not even want to see it.
There is this kid in my class that is a total closed eye talker, one day we got fed up and when he answered a question everyone silently moved over one seat so when he opened his eyes 30 seconds later he got very confused.
by DAG October 19, 2009
An invitation out or to your home intended to induce someone else to bring you, or buy you food.
we were hungry and broke so we called mike and gave him a foodvite to come over watch a movie
by DAG July 29, 2009
That last fifth of a bottle of spirits (such as whiskey, vodka, or other) which must be consumed quickly so it does not oxidize, as a result you must invite over everyone you know to drink it.

This assures you a constant supply of fresh spirits and friends.
Only the friendly fifth is left in the bottle, who should we call?
by DAG February 09, 2013
Broke Ass Rich Kid: This is a young person, usually a college student or high school student, who despite constantly telling you about how wealthy and successful his/her parents are, never seems to have any money. They may or may not actually come from a wealthy family, but they usually do, and they often ask to borrow large sums of money right when you need to pay rent, they will promise that their parents will pay you back, but this will never happen.
My friend is always telling me how his father is a millionaire, but i always have to buy him lunch, he is such a B.A.R.K.
by DAG October 19, 2009
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