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Being off guard and careless on the streets; puttin yourself in a position where you're vulnerable.
1. Cuh you can't be out there slippin dog, them cops be on a brutha.

2. Person 1: Do you really go out with Peter?
Person 2: you musta caught me slippin, cuh!
by tellmewhen2gocuh December 15, 2008
Someone who is sweet like sugar but at the same time has a deadly and sour secret. She is conservative to her friends but very open to her family. She is a beautiful, very intelligent girl but sometimes she needs your help showing it. She's quick like a cat and could sense something a mile away, and often jumps to conclusions. She's very fragile and sensitive, even though she hates admitting it. She loves feeling loved and wanted, and when she doesn't feel that way she's willing to go to extreme measures. She's silent but deadly.
"Here goes Yasmine again with her little "woe is me act". I wish she could she how beautiful she really is."
by tellmewhen2gocuh December 15, 2008

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