another hott ghetto homeboy!!! oHH YEAH
he tha best at freestylin;)
WHOA WHOA its yaser, he's tha best passer n he's not a harasser! LMAO
by jea July 06, 2003
Top Definition
OOoo dat sexi man
i wanna lick him just like my fav cholate bar
ooo he gtes me off baby
by ANITA August 30, 2003
the guy who his mama will beat if he's caught with a gurl
yaser where have you been..i saw you with that girl..your grounded for 2 month and no playing with yourself!
by ali August 29, 2003
A really sweet guy. He always makes me laugh! <3
"Yaser - he's getting very good at typing with one hand!!"
by L November 28, 2003
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