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Synonym for "yes."
The term is from the FYAD forums on the SomethingAwful Forums, cuz they sillie.
Hot chick: Do u like me? (y/n)
Guy: Yase, I do like u.
by Sqyttles December 24, 2004
Exclamation. Slang for yes. See also: yase
Dude 1: I got hawt Twanee Stone picture from a friend of mine. I'd like to suck his man meat.
Dude 2: YASE!!!1
by zorpidus April 16, 2004
An acronym, stands for "Yet Another Software Engineer". This phrase stands for every other software engineer or IT engineer most likely in the Bangalore city, India.
Sameer is Y.A.S.E. but he is good at it.
by Amanjeev December 30, 2007
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