little black children also referred to as nigglets
The parents were called porch monkeys, the younger ones were called yard apes.
by Lauuureennn March 08, 2008
children, redneck lingo, sometimes used before the word "kids"
And I gotta feed them yardape kids.
by Frank Booth January 03, 2005
A young fellow who

A. Sets your garbage can on fire
B. Has intercourse with every female friend you have
C. Steals your child's red wagon
D. then rides said wagon down a steep incline at a high rate of speed
E. enjoys urban bolfing
F. Masturbates furiously
Jayson is the dumbest yardape ever - he took a dump in my washer and shaved my cat.
by Joseph K. Gunger September 30, 2003
A rather ornrey nigga, often fat with big nose holes.
"My god Honey, I think I have spotted a yard-ape. He looks rabbid." said the old brittish wanker.
by Jack Meoffe November 24, 2008
slang for an african-american.
Those yardapes need to learn to control themselves.
by nick nameo October 28, 2006
An employee of a big-box-store who is too dumb to sort lumber.
Don't let those yard apes load your 2 x 4 s cause they will stick you with garbage.
by Pedrovonpedro January 07, 2011
A small child, roughly between the ages of 1 and 6 years, who hangs out in a back yard, usually white, usually male and usually suburban. They don't say much but tend to take themselves way too seriously.

This was the definition used extensively in magazine advertisements and television shows, especially comedy, during the 1980's and 90's
"Heavens to burgitroid, what is that detestable little yardape doing in my movie? He's ruining it!"

- Sir Boris von Orloff,

Eerie Indiana

from the episode "America's Scariest Home Video (a.k.a. Scariest Home Videos)"

Air Date

Sunday October 20, 1991
by Miskatonic Jack 2 June 25, 2010

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