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The term "yard ape" refers to a black person. It's derivation is from the lawn ornaments of black coachmen holding lanterns, or black children fishing, or many of the other lawn ornaments of that type. It has devolved into a perjorative term for blacks.
"Those yard apes drank all of my 40s"
by bibliophage March 09, 2004
a nigger who sits in their yard all day long because they have no job and cannot afford air conditioning and they are pretty much a useless person
"dude that kid tyrone called me a honky so i was like stfu man, at least im not gonna grow up to be a yard ape"
#yard monkey #nigger #po' folk #jigaboo #mr. bojangles
by abibi May 08, 2006
a filthy uneducated rotten smelling nigger between the ages of sperm and and casket stuffer who sits in their lawn chair in the ghetto (any place a black or hispanic ape lives) drinking 40's smoking fat rocks of crack that they paid for with welfare and food stamps, they are always talking about how the white man is holding them down and how they have it soo rough not having to work since they were dropouts from school and joined gangs when thy were 6.
damn that barack obama is a yard ape, have you seen him sitting in front of the white house in his lawn chair with a cooler of 40's?
#nigger #porch monkey #jigaboo #niglet #spearchucker #obama #stench
by crushapriusandimpeachanobama March 10, 2009
1.Semi-evolved or primitive person, characterised by speaking with grunts and moans. 2.Person of low intelligence. 3.Person who cannot master simple technology such as calculators or toasters. 4.Simpleton. 5.Native Australian (see boong).
1.Aboriginals are such yard apes.
by John Barry November 20, 2004
Another word to describe a black child or in other words a (nigglet) they always hang out with their fried chicken eating kool-aid drinking and 40 stealing porch monkey parent/s.
porch monkey:Hey boy git ovea here and get this KFC i bought with da welfare check

yard ape :I dont want KFC i want kool-aid

porch monkey: Boy you betta git yo all ovea here before i whoup yo ass wit da 40.
#porch monkey #yard ape #kfc #kool-aid #nigger #nigglet
by toasted skitts January 30, 2009
A slang term used for unruly children.
Omagawd! Here comes the neighbor's yard apes!!
#unruly #brat #trouble #children #spoiled
by bigg3469 March 29, 2009
1. a lazy black person that chills in his yard drinking purple drank and smoking blunts all day
2. a Lambda Chi Alpha associate member from Bucknell who chills in his yard drinking purple drank and smoking blunts all day
Dude, did you hear all that yelling last night?
Yeah, man, that was Yardape pounding his primate chest!
#porch monkey #nigger #black person #lambda #speeeeeeeeeee
by Speeeeeeeeeeeee November 09, 2008
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