slang for cocaine, coke, yayo
bro lets get some yard
by maffuci March 21, 2007
To have a girl leave with you from somewhere.
Let's go yard some honey's out of the club.
by Jason L Booth April 24, 2007
A tall, shapely glass used for drinking beer. It has a bulb shaped bottom, a long shaft that opens up towards the top. As you tilt it back to drink, it tends to shoot the drink down your throat because of the resevoir at the bottom.
Dude, I downed 6 yards last night and woke up with piss all over myself.
by Nicoli September 06, 2005
You're a real Dick.
"Hey, it was great spending time with your wife the other day."
by NickBurns November 18, 2003
1. really far away, or a long way to walk
2.very hard
boy:where the f*** are you?
girl:aat the pub
Boy: aww thats yards!
by Helyn April 02, 2005
to covet; to abuse a privelage; or to steal.
"i saw him yarding furtive glances at my girl"
"i left my smokes on the table and they got yarded on!"
"you couldn't wait to yard on my last beer, could you!"
by diamond doug May 20, 2004
A catch-all word. Usually marked to describe something intense or laudable.
"Dude, I just made a shot from half-court"
by WlknGenius January 23, 2003
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