n. baseball field
Barry just yanked another one out of the yard.
by fizzle March 24, 2004
The courtyard at any historically black college
Yeah I'll catch you out on the yard
by Reginald Johnson September 16, 2003
To carry away or clean out with physical labor. It comes from the lumberjack term for the area that logs are stacked called the yard. An example of yarding would be to take the stacked logs and put them on sleds to take to the river for the spring river run.
"Could you give me a hand yarding these boxes into the basement?"
by baldman September 07, 2009
$100 , a $100 bill
He was so attached to his Wii that he turned down a yard in exchange.
by The Return of Light Joker July 27, 2011
genital region. UK usually for men. USA usually referring to women.
Keep your yard trimmed.
"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard." -Kelis
by Trinide September 14, 2007
slang for cocaine, coke, yayo
bro lets get some yard
by maffuci March 21, 2007
yard is house....house is yard....yard is your place
yo bruv u cumin ova to ma yard laters wiv nick,coz we gona get fucked!!
by sexy siara May 20, 2006

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