house, home place where you live
I am going to my yard to wank off!
by Moussa March 16, 2005
Logform for "ya" - the result of autocorrect malfunctions in Windows Mobile - also, Thanksgiving is the same sort of a word - takes a simple saying and makes it complex, thus funny.
Yards, i really liked that movie
by Graham Fairbank December 19, 2007
Financial markets slang for a billion (thousand million). Used to avoid confusion with a million on a noisy trading floor/over the phone.
Fuck me I'm being bid .858 for a yard of Sovs (Sterling). Fill yer boots.
by North Wind October 01, 2008
1. Refer's to one's personal space and/or face-especially the personal space of a large fabulous diva in a club environment.

2. The area of the body that a bitch is sticking her hand up in when she's telling her baby' daddy he better pay his support or she's callin the law.
You better back the fuck out of my yard bitch before I rip that nickel weave right out of your ho head!

Get your damn finger outta my yard before I break it off and shove it up between your dollar tree titties, skank.
by sctopshelf January 30, 2010
Jamaican brown sticky weed grown outdoors. Critics believe it to be smooth smoking.

This marijuana grown in Jamaica, is of solid quality. Yard displays characteristics of an indica and sativa blend.
"A pensive high, the day is always promising after a smoke of that yard." "You got that yard?". "I'm going down to MIA, you want that yard?"
by Paper Doll, Simple Sativa July 13, 2009
Short form of a name for the game billiards, also known as pool. Yards is much easier to say than billiards, and people often get confused to whether the activity is the game pool or going swimming in a pool.
"Yo Eric, what do you wanna do?"
"Play YARDS!!"
by poppergirl October 15, 2013
$100 , a $100 bill
He was so attached to his Wii that he turned down a yard in exchange.
by The Return of Light Joker July 27, 2011
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