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A slang term for the common chicken, generally after being prepared as a meal.
I would like the yard bird, and some cole slaw, please.
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
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1. (Also) Today, used as a term to describe a person who like classic rock, from the blues, to rock & roll, to pop of the '60s, to '80s hair metal. Usu. one who enjoy only such music.

2. One who endulges in clothing fashions of the 1960s (e.g. mod) religiously.

Coined from the name of '60s band The Yardbirds.
1. That girl likes AC/DC? What a yardbird!
My friend the yardbird loves the band Them.
She's not a yardbird; She likes Aerosmith, but she also likes Avril Lavigne.

2. I've been looking for a ruffly cravat in thrift stores -- one might call me a yardbird!
He's not really a yardbird; they didn't wear silly jackets like those in the '60s.
by Isabella February 28, 2005
native central kansas slang for chickens, also slang for a truck driver that hauls chickens.
hey guys, wanna get some BBQ yardbird after work?

that damn yardbird is goin' too slow, 10-4.
by huckleberry finn October 23, 2005
A soldier(or Marine, Sailor, et cetera) in the Army(or Navy, et cetera) assigned to menial tasks such as janitorial duty or landmine disposal.
Hey! Yardbird! Clean my boots! Damnit!
by ChickenFriedKitten June 14, 2004
Yardbird or Yard Bird is an American slang term for a chicken....It has been for about 100 years. It has nothing to do with plastic lawn ornaments, you idiots. When you call somebody a yardbird, it's basically the same as calling them a bird brain, jackass, dumbass, fool, etc.
Hey you fuckin' yardbird, you just spilled my beer!
by FatButch August 24, 2010
A generally useless person, who works at a shipyard. Known for stealing various tools and working very slowly. The scruffy facial hair and hardhat is a dead giveaway.
"Hey man, are these yardbirds ever gonna leave? They've been working here for months."

"My socket set has gone missing. Must've been those yardbirds."
by kermitsmokescrackandidontcare January 21, 2012
n. A useless person; a waste of space.

Like plastic gnomes and flamingoes on people's yards.
What a fucking idiot. That yardbird can't even make toast.
by Hally November 09, 2004

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