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(ok, whatever)
mr B: your wearing a blue t-shirt!
me: Y'AND?........
by luke December 08, 2003
It what happens when you give some money in exchange for something and it never shows up in the mail
I bought a guitar on ebay and the seller Yan'd me
by Derpy Derpenstein October 08, 2013
yes and , most likely used with sarcasm, stretch them together longer to add more sarcasm into the sentence
fat guy: i gottalotta jelly roles if your hungry

hot girl: yand no
by ottoman711 August 24, 2009

1. (verb) To stick your hand into someone's pants, give them an orgasm with the hand, and leave before they realize what happened.

2. (noun) A premature ejaculation, most specifically during a hand job. It is often unexpected.
1. "I totally just yanded Melissa, and now my hand smells like fish."
2. "I rested my head on his chest for a second because I was starting to get tired, what with my hand moving so fast, and then I just got a yand to the face, out of fucking nowhere."
by flaminglog February 17, 2011
Not making any sense.
A statement with no meaning.
Your comment was yandacious.

You do realize that is completely yand.

In this world, things are quite yand.
by A. G. Guillen November 28, 2007
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