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(ok, whatever)
mr B: your wearing a blue t-shirt!
me: Y'AND?........
by luke December 08, 2003
13 2
It what happens when you give some money in exchange for something and it never shows up in the mail
I bought a guitar on ebay and the seller Yan'd me
by Derpy Derpenstein October 08, 2013
5 1

1. (verb) To stick your hand into someone's pants, give them an orgasm with the hand, and leave before they realize what happened.

2. (noun) A premature ejaculation, most specifically during a hand job. It is often unexpected.
1. "I totally just yanded Melissa, and now my hand smells like fish."
2. "I rested my head on his chest for a second because I was starting to get tired, what with my hand moving so fast, and then I just got a yand to the face, out of fucking nowhere."
by flaminglog February 17, 2011
3 2
yes and , most likely used with sarcasm, stretch them together longer to add more sarcasm into the sentence
fat guy: i gottalotta jelly roles if your hungry

hot girl: yand no
by ottoman711 August 24, 2009
2 1
Not making any sense.
A statement with no meaning.
Your comment was yandacious.

You do realize that is completely yand.

In this world, things are quite yand.
by A. G. Guillen November 28, 2007
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