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having far too much manic energy
all ferretts are by nature yampy
by bud June 06, 2003
Adj - To go a bit mad, crazy or wacky.
As in;

"Last time my mate Gavin drank Stella, he went completely yampy!"

"Claire; dont get a Zen ipod thing -within months mine went yampy."

"What the hell is Rooney doing?? He's gone yampy!"
by -=Matt=- November 02, 2005
black country for soft or mental ya can also call someone a "yamp", sometimes people joke about you being a "yampy yam yam"

ya can also call someone a yampy bleeder
johnny: yowm yampy yo am
local nutcase: I aye
johnny: yo am yam mental
johnny: yam a right yamp
by bluefunk September 27, 2005
U.K back country midlands slang for someone a bit over the top and retarded, someone with a backwards mentality,
did ya see that last night on tv, them right yamps on the jerry springer show aye they

are yome a yampy get n' all, yove bin watchin it too long, thats the matter with yo maytey
by Paul John from the midlands August 12, 2005
(YAM-pee, adj.) -The pessimistic feeling or sensation of a certain lacking or withdrawal, usually originating from long periods of time with little to no intimate contact with the opposite sex.
Having not kissed a girl for several months has left the Brad quite yampy of late.
by blueduke89 February 21, 2013
During my Egyptian Canal Zone RAF service 1953-55. I think it was used mainly by Midlanders and Northerners.
A mild insult but exactly what it meant then I cannot now say.
"You're yampy you are".
by Alan Merryweather October 06, 2006
Mouthy, lower class, mouthy, unwashed, mouthy, overweight, mouthy, female. Usually, but not always, a pikey.
"she was a right yampy bitch"
"...there she was, yamping on about her dog..."
by Oddstream March 02, 2005