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Person from the Black country which is in the west midlands, very close to birmingham. The Black country dialect is very unique. Yam yam derives from 'you am' e.g 'yam coming with me ay ya?'
A couple of drug smoking munch seeking yam yam's in a car:

"Yam gewin the wrung way! Where am yo gewin kid?"
"I ay at all!"
"Ye yam, yo day tek that last turnin ya saft get!"
"Oh arr, soz I day realise"
"yo'll atta gew back im starvin I cor wait no longer kid!"
by A drug smokin yam yam June 08, 2007
A person from the Black Country area of the West Midlands of England. Yam-yams use a slight variation of English that is often incompehensible to non-locals (and even to their neighours from Birmingham, with whom they share many similariies in vocal accent) due to both the thick accent of the speaker and the frequent exchange of standard words in place of local terminology (the most obvious example being the substitition of the word "you" for "yam").
"I wish these yam-yams would bloody learn some English."
by kipstik.FiL November 08, 2004
People from the Black Country, who talk in an indescribable manner. See yam yam. Not yam yams.
X: Yam owkay?
Y: Yerr, I'm good, tarr.
X: Watcha bin doing?
Y: Nuffing much. Ow bout yow?
X: We am such yamyams, int we?
by magap August 15, 2008
Slang for a male testicles.
Nash- " Why you limpin'n dawg?"

Craig-" Well, I only called my wife a bitch and she straight kicked me in the yam yams."
Nash-" Damn, what a bitch."
by Juan Nutt March 01, 2011
At a frat party when a female with large breasts is wearing a low cut shirt for everyone to see.
Man did you see that chick?

Yea her yam yams are huge!!
by Chim March 25, 2008
Really thick people who live on the borders of the great city of Birmingham.

The areas like walsall,west brom and similar shitholes.Most are unemployed or locked up,there is also alot of inbreeding going on.
We dont want yam yams in Birmingham
by Chris5542 May 25, 2012
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