Really thick people who live on the borders of the great city of Birmingham.

The areas like walsall,west brom and similar shitholes.Most are unemployed or locked up,there is also alot of inbreeding going on.
We dont want yam yams in Birmingham
by Chris5542 May 25, 2012
a male kitten
a cute yam yam
by yamyamdelight March 13, 2009
I'm a yam yam and I'm proud!!

we aye (aren't) brummies!!

yam yams are people from the black country, which is a shithole, but west bromwch albion is in the black country so its the best place in the world!!
oh yeah, there are two other teams, wolves (scum of the earth dingles) and walsall.

the black country is close to birmingham, which is full of chavvy villa and blues fans (shit on the villa!!)
ariite cock, yome ok? aarr great.
by number 1 haggis by the way March 31, 2005
The finest pure shiny cocaineated powder
Lets go score some yam yams so we can have the coke sluts buzzing round our cocks like bees at the pimp and ho party tonight.
by towers March 28, 2006
1. one who shows quick wit and radiates brilliance;
2. a person endowed with extraordinary intellectual power especially as manifested in creative activity;
3. also the perfect ego-feeding girlfriend anyone can have
1. & 2. Bill Gates is a true yam yam.
3. You should thank your stars that your girlfriend's a yam yam!
by nashat March 07, 2005
A yam yam is a nickname given to people living in or near birmingfarm because of the way they speak. saying yam for "yes, i am" but also for "how are you"
"hello Emma darling, its tommy here, are you ok?,
Emma: "yam yam" (yes, I'm fine thank you tommy)
by cityofdawros April 12, 2007

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