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Referring to more than one person having something. Southern drawl - slang. Coming from yall and have.
I'll be at the party later to see what yall've got on hand.
The punctually correct way to spell "you all have"
Dang don't tell me ya'll've been discin' without me..
by Kolcut July 30, 2013
A North Augusta slang term for "You all have"
Yall've done gone and drove me crazy.
by Just a Bill 2011 December 30, 2010
what southern people say when they get lazy and want to say "yall have"
so, yallve never been rabbit huntin?
by Dylan Millikan January 21, 2006
A combination of the words ya"ll (a hillbilly way of saying you all) and have that only ignorant rednecks use.
Hey bubba ya'llve been hogging the meth pass it along.
by Dumb Yager January 11, 2011
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