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A small town across from Augusta, Georgia. Confusingly enough, it is in South Carolina. Typical boring town. Typical boring people.
Person 1: Do you want to go to North Augusta?

Person 2: Heck no, why would anyone?
by buukieman July 18, 2009
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A Small town across the Georgia-South Carolina border. Often Confused with Augusta, Georgia, the place they hold the masters every year, North Augusta is Actually in SC. One of the oldest cities in the state, established in 1872, it is the pride of SC, along with Aiken. It is also the second city of SC. Generous souls, and pretty much no type of ghetto ( There are bad people everywhere, I'm telling you ) You could say North Augusta is a type of paradise.
Guy 1: You in North Augusta yet?
Guy 2: I've been here for about 3 months, but I've been watchin the sun set ever since, so I didnt get to call you. Hot babes here man, Hot babes.
by G3N3S1S December 23, 2010
A place on the South Carolina/Georgia border right outside of Augusta. Everyone here is a hipster and says "o" because saying "oh" is just too mainstream. Where every kid from North Augusta High wants to switch to Fox Creek and over crowd the school because North Augusta High is just too mainstream.
"I met a hipster today!"
"Must be from North Augusta"
by Whoopi Goldberggg August 10, 2012
A kickass little village on the outskirts of Brockvegas where all the drunken rednecks host their backyard BBQ's/Demolition durbys
*Phone rings*
guy 1: "Hello?"
guy 2: "hey man, I'm piss drunk, crashed my truck, i can't find my clothes and its
guy 1: "So you're in North Augusta? I'll be there soon"
by BJ Woodbegood January 25, 2009

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