(noun) a group of children located in an urban slum of Connecticut who spend their time trying to convince others that they are as good as or better than Harvard

(adj) second or third-rate, sub-par, short of perfection, see Cornell
James: "Hey, Neville, congratulations on your admission to Yale. It is among the most prestigious universities in the country!"

Ugggh, this platter of steamed vegetables is really Yale- I'm never coming here again.
by BULLDOGZ! July 22, 2011
When someone you know who is extremely smart didn't get accepted to Yale. And tries to hude the fact they're a failure because they didn't get accepted to Yale. #NotHarvard
You: "Hey Randeep... Yale."
Randeep: "What? I didn't even apply there?"
You: "Yale..."
Randeep: "That makes no sense."
You: "It makes sense Yale didn't accept you..."
by iWearCutoffs March 29, 2015
Boricua slang for mujeres/women.

Singular is yal.
"Unos se preguntan que deben de hacer para motivar a las yales - guaya cintura, mujer" - Zion y Lennox, Guaya Guaya
"Oye, yal - ven aquí"
by Guadalupe1 August 30, 2005
Yale is a private college located in New Haven, CT. One of the seven Ivy Leagues, a string of East Coast colleges founded in the early 1700s including Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, Brown, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania, it boasts a strenuous, although rewarding, academic curriculum as well as decent sports.

Yale is a very coveted college; GPAs and SAT scores are not all you need to get in, as essay-writing and extra curriculars are very important to the application. Some believe Yale takes kids of rich donor parents; however, this is somewhat untrue as Yale has a fair albeit rigorous application process though legacy has been proven to help somewhat. Very few students who attend Yale, except some on sports scholarships, have SATs under 2300; as well as few maintaining GPAs throughout high school under 3.8 or 3.9.

Yale University has a mediocre campus; the town in which Yale is located is rather barren, and up until about 1994 or '95, quite crime-riddled. Students at Yale do have the option of taking jobs at places such as Subway, etc. to earn extra money.

All in all, Yale University is a highly coveted college that is difficult to get into and stressful.
Example 1:
Julia: Do you think Hannah will get into Yale? She wants to go there really bad.
Fiona: I don't know, she said her GPA was 3.7 and her SATs were 2230.

Julia: Maybe she'll go there on a sports scholarship.
Fiona: Maybe.

Example 2:
John: Dude I'm kinda regretting the day I said OK to Yale now
Kyle: Yeah man it's really tough here. I have a 23-page-paper due on cell division and he only gave it yesterday.
John: Ouch!
by YaleUniversity January 21, 2013
n. Dweller of the fertile Upland = sperm
Yale loves to snuggle with Danielle's boobs at night.
by evil.genius.42 March 30, 2011
A prestious university located in Connecticut. Known for its nasty application board, Yale is one of the hardest schools to get into. To even qualify for acceptance, you either have to be really rich or really poor (like most Ivy schools, but Yale especially). Also famous for its flakey grading policies (gentlemen's B's) and host to some of the worlds future leaders.

Notable alumni: Prescott Bush George Bush George W. Bush, John Kerry, Bill Clinton. From wiki: All US presidents since 1989 are Yale graduates. Prescott Bush was the founder of the Bush Empire. A graduate from Yale and a strong supporter of Hitler -- The monies that thrust the family into power was grown from Jewish blood. In spite of the US government knowing Bush was laundering money for the NAZI's, they did nothing to stop it.

Special thanks to the Skull N Bones, Yale's radical professors, and the moronic graduates who keep the world spinning in chaos.
"Yale is a joke."
by 1234iDeclareAthumbWar November 24, 2006
The gayest university in the history of American tertiary education, excluding art schools.
Guy #1: Dude, I got into Yale!
Guy #2: Oh, um... OK. I totally support your lifestyle choice. Do your parents know?
by kwijiborjt July 10, 2008

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