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A branch of government owned facilities geared towards education and achievement of knowledge through cruddy textbooks, overpopulated classrooms and tenure/senority power hungry teachers/professors etc...
"Oh my god, that freshman is reading Johnny Tremain! I read that in the 5th grade! Damn you California Educational System!!!

by 1234iDeclareAthumbWar October 29, 2006
A common word used to describe sexual intercourse.
"John wants to fuck Sally in the ass, but Sally refuses because she is a prude"
by 1234iDeclareAthumbWar November 02, 2006
-To take a shit on a couch and jump on it.
-To take a shit on Opera's face
-To shit lubricate a condom
"OMG, he just took a hot tom in my living room!!!!"
"Hey, did you see Opera getting a hot tom? Man, it was awesome"
"Why need lube when you can just hot tom the rubber?"

by 1234iDeclareAthumbWar October 28, 2006
An insult or tease usually spoken during a competitive sport/function. To "rub it in" or tantalize beyond bearability.
Chocolate Pie, tastes good! Take that you dirty rotten covenant bitch! Eat that grenade! Go ahead, Taste it you ungrateful mother fucker!!! Chocooolllaaaate Piiiiiie!!! TASTES SO GOOD!!!!!
by 1234iDeclareAthumbWar October 31, 2006
A prestious university located in Connecticut. Known for its nasty application board, Yale is one of the hardest schools to get into. To even qualify for acceptance, you either have to be really rich or really poor (like most Ivy schools, but Yale especially). Also famous for its flakey grading policies (gentlemen's B's) and host to some of the worlds future leaders.

Notable alumni: Prescott Bush George Bush George W. Bush, John Kerry, Bill Clinton. From wiki: All US presidents since 1989 are Yale graduates. Prescott Bush was the founder of the Bush Empire. A graduate from Yale and a strong supporter of Hitler -- The monies that thrust the family into power was grown from Jewish blood. In spite of the US government knowing Bush was laundering money for the NAZI's, they did nothing to stop it.

Special thanks to the Skull N Bones, Yale's radical professors, and the moronic graduates who keep the world spinning in chaos.
"Yale is a joke."
by 1234iDeclareAthumbWar November 24, 2006
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