yale (n)

a guy who can devote his entire life of love
for you;

attributes: good-looking, funny, SEXY
-he is my one & only yale.

-OH! he's so yale.
by i <3 yale August 09, 2006
1. A good ivy-league collage. The school that George Bush went to and barely graduated with a C grade. Then later went on to run the most powerful country in the world.

2. Slang for crack-cocaine.

3. A name.
Guy: I made it into Yale!
Friend: So, you didn't get into Harvard?
Guy: Nope :(

2. Yo mang, i just sold this bitch some hella yale today.

3. Hey Yale, over here!
by Swikity August 05, 2007
a slutly fucked up person with no life at all and has the biggest nose in the whole wordl and looks like a retared brid!!!!!
(slut bitch whore fat ugly)
that girl's name must be yale she looks like a brid
by minimmimi November 20, 2008
n.) A cop, or a cop's car.

vt.) For a cop to pull over someone or otherwise.

vi.) To be pulled over by a cop or otherwise.

Named for Yale Security Service, whose company vehicles closely resemble police cars, and the security guards driving these seem to be aware of this. Can be easily mistaken as such, and used to scare the shit out of Matt at 2am.
1.) That Yale was a total dick.

2.) Dude, that cop just totally Yaled that guy.

3.) On the way home, I saw like seven people getting Yaled.

4.) I got really scared when I thought a cop was following me, but it turned out it was just a Yale.

5.) Haha, we totally fooled Matt into thinking that Yale was a cop. Watch out for that Yale! The Yale is glaring at you! Don't do anything in front of the Yale!
by The Domo February 07, 2005
Yale(adj.):Ass, wack, stupid, not smart enough to go to Harvard
Harvard Guy 1: That party was YALE fam!
Harvard Guy 2: Word! I only saw like one chic who had all of her limbs and wasnt missing any of her teeth.

Guy(after watching his friend come in second place and look like a loser): "Dude you're Yale, don't talk to me."
by Cool Kid February 16, 2005
Where all the people who were rejected from Harvard go.
I got into Harvard and Yale. I went to Harvard because Yale sucks
by anonymous August 27, 2004
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