the process in which the one being "yadadinged" acknowlegdes they comprehend what you are telling them in that moment of time and place.
bitch ill kik u in the dick with my face, u yada?!
by lowriderdrivebyyadigg January 19, 2011
"Yada, Yada, Yada" is a phrase popularized on the Jerry Seinfeld show to imply sexual activity among unmarried persons. It may be related to the "ya,da' which appears in Genesis 19:5.
Yeah. I met this lawyer, we went out to dinner, I had the lobster bisk, we went back to my place, yada yada yada, I never heard from him again.
by Mike Gerty June 05, 2005
Simply means "Yes", "I agree", or anwsering to a call.
Dude1: HEY!!! DUDE2!!!!!!!!!!
Dude2: Yada??
Dude1: Whats up?
Dude2: Nm you?
Dude1: Just waiting for the Playstation3 to come out.
Dude2: Yeah i know...
Dude1: Man, I cant wait till the Playstation3 is FINALLY out...
Dude2: Yada i know, only 3 more days!!!
Dude1: Oh my GOD!!! The expence is way extreme.
Dude2: I know!!!! Ive been waiting for 2 months, thats along time.
Dude1: yeah it is.
by Seine_perfekte_Droge December 03, 2006
1.Synonym/codename for 'the magic ganja'. Use it when you dont want people to know youre talking about getting blitzed this weekend (ie. school, church, around little kids, etc..)

2.To hotbox a toolshed/garage that doesnt belong to you and then satisfy the munchies with ridiculous amounts of white castle and rasberry twist smirnoff.
"Are you doing anything friday night?"
"Oh..i was thinkin YAKNOW...maybe alittle yada yada ganjaaaa"

"Let's get yada'd up in JJ's toolshed!"
by Yada Kid May 03, 2005
In conversation, used in place of any word you cant quite remember at that time, such as stuff, or sh*t. Often used in conjuction with shmear or scringini. Originated in the East Bay Area by The Doctor.
question -"Where's the yada?"
answer - "Over by the shmear."
by Spencer Burton March 16, 2006
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