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Interjection used at the end of lines in a song often by Greg Graffin, lead singer of Bad Religion.
"So do what you must,
do all you can,
break all the fucking rules,
and go to hell with Superman,
and die like a champion, ya-hey!"
by MattyCheese April 29, 2007
11 2

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OK, yes, or hello in Minnesota/Wisconsin speak. From German "Ja".
Stosh: "Ya hey dere, Otto."
Otto: "Ya hey."

Lars: "You like hot dish?"
Sven: "Ya hey!"
by Joe Bone March 24, 2005
37 11
A hick, red neck from a small town. They are not hard core dixie rednecks. Traditionally Ya Heys are from the Midwest but have been sighted in other locations. They can be seen wearing outdated clothing and driving trucks with moronic modifications.
Some frickin Ya Hey squealed his tires around the corner.
by Markus Eralius November 03, 2005
8 15