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self explanatory..response to an unintelligent or unfunny comment.
some jack off : hey man did you watch the womens soccer game on tv last night?

me : ya gay
by drewtheboss65o August 30, 2008
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A shortened version of "you're gay" ... Useful under circumstances when the person you are describing is very homosexual, as the term is a palindrome and can be pronounced both frontwards and backwards
Yagay frontwards and backwards. Any way you look at it, yagay.
by Chad February 27, 2004
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You're gay ... a palindrome, can be said frontwards and backwards to the same effect
Yagay. And Yagay backwards
by Chad February 27, 2004
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adjative to discribe someone who likes members of their own gender in an unnatural way.
by brandon February 29, 2004
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